• WELCOME TO Soham Research and Marketing Pvt. Ltd.
  • WELCOME TO Soham Research and Marketing Pvt. Ltd.
  • WELCOME TO Soham Research and Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

WELCOME TO Soham Research and Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

Dr.Vaidya's Soham Research and Marketing Pvt Ltd has been engaged in the business of manufacturing and marketing research based, clinically evaluated breakthrough formulations based on the Indian systems of medicine for the treatment of several disorders.

The company was promoted by Dr. Prasad Vaidya, a Aurangabad , India based Consultant and Coloroctal Surgeon. Besides his practice Dr. Vaidya been a member of several committees, forums and institutions established by the Government of India in the field of Surgery.

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Uro Pant

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The uropant works on the principles gravity and uni-directional flow of water. It is designed similar to under pant made out of umbrella cloth. When one passes urine (while standing or sitting on the edge of chair or bed the urine flows downward and forwards into the collecting extension of the uropant, which is fitted with an inbuilt valve. Through this urine flows into a tubing and get collected in another collecting bag tied over the calf by welcrow). It has capacity of 2 lit, so one can pass urine 6-8 times without any problem. (300ml each time avg) the bag can be emptied when it is full.

Uropant is washable. There is no smell of urine as collecting bag has a seal which can be opened or closed. Now this design can be used for males and females of all ages.

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Retired Middle school Teacher Resident of N 11,Deep Nagar HADCO Aurangabad,Mobile No.9423743411/9421690095. I was suffering from prolapsed Hemorrhoids which were bleeding, got operated by Dr Prasad Vaidya I used Proctotub after my surgery and was immensely benefitted out of it.I added lukewarm water along with disinfectant medicine and received fomentation for 15 min.which made anal area clean. Proctotub cleans the perinal area with out manual handling which helps in preventing infection. There is no itching in perinal area and it stimulates the healing process. I was benefitted by the use of proctotub I will recommend to all patients who have Hemorrhoids to use it.I wish that this instrument should be universally used.
Bhaulal Magan Bhagure-

R/o ShivajiNagar Aurangabad mobile N0. 9545010023. I was suffering from fistula in ano Dr Vaidya Operated upon me and advised Proctotub I am taking sitz bath three times a day, the concept of proctotub is very nice as it cleans all the fecal matter in te post operative wound in a very gentle way which has made me very comfortable. Proctotub is very useful for patients like us. I Hats off for Proctotub.
Giridharilal Motiram Yadav

R/O Raj Complex N2 Hudco Aurangabad mobile No. 9823053094 I was operated for Piles I used Proctotub the fomentation and enema effect of proctotub relaxed my anal area very fast and made me comfortable I am using it as and when required I fell very relaxed through out the day. I will recommend its use for those patients who are in the initial stage of piles. Thanks for innovation of Proctotub.
Rajendra Ambadas Kulkarni

R/o Durgapur Mobile No. 9423447481 I was suffering fro fissure in ano Got operated and used proctotub after surgery I felt very relaxed in it and the way the fomentation received I felt pain free the waves generated by moter helped to clean the anal area very effectively. I wish all patients who undertake Surgery should use it and get cured.
Shivaji Bhagavan Shelke